Reading is one of the most important things we can do. Only by reading can we learn about the world around us and the people in it. Therefore, we should spend some time reading books every day and not just focus on our textbooks and assessment books, Reading does not only improve your English, but it also improves your understanding and general knowledge which might come in handy at any time. 

These are a few reasons why reading should be made your priority and not just a habit you do once in a while. 

  1. Stimulates your brain 

Unlike watching TV, reading forces you to concentrate on the words and what is happening between the characters. It compels you to know what is happening in the chapter as the scene unfolds in front of you. Social media, especially Tik Tok, has made us used to concentrating only for a few seconds for each video but a book trains your mind to follow the story, at least for a few minutes until the chapter is over. This not only helps strengthen our minds but builds our attention span so we can focus longer and better. 

  1. Teaches you difficult words 

The more times you come across a word, the more familiar you will get with it. Even if you might not make an effort to find out what it means, it builds your inference skills as you can guess to a certain extent what it might mean according to the paragraph and situation. Only by reading can you be introduced to multiple words; who knows, you will gain mastery over them and start using them whenever you write or talk. 

  1. Makes you less stress

Although some children find reading stressful, it is actually supposed to have the opposite effect. Reading should be relaxing, an escape from the gruelling routine that students have to go through. The main thing that children should do when they read is read what they like. If they like superheroes, then they should read stories about them. Anything that interests them would only make it more enjoyable for them. 

If your child is having trouble concentrating, these are some tips they can follow: 

  1. Eat a nutritious breakfast 

Cereal is a good option as it usually contains all the nutrients that your child needs. Eating breakfast instead of skipping them can help children retain their memory better and become more attentive. 

  1. Work out during lunch time

Instead of having a really heavy lunch and then continuing with classes with a sleepy head, students should work out for at least 45 minutes. Not only will their mood become better, but they will also be able to concentrate in class and they are able to do things much faster and not to mention, the chances of them doing it well will also increase. 

  1. Understand what is at stake 

If your child understands why he has to study or read or do things that will benefit him, then he will put in more effort and concentrate better. If not, he or she will daydream and not pay attention because they do not know what it is for. They should worry about their examination and constantly want to improve. After all, nobody can be forced to pay attention. It needs to be of their own volition. However, we can explain and remind them in order to convince them to have the drive to be better at anything that they do. 

  1. Always hydrate themselves

Especially in an examination, do not think that drinking water is a waste of time. Instead, children should drink as much as they can (without going over the limit) as it might help them perform better. Being thirsty will make them lose concentration greatly.

  1. Go outdoors or look at pictures of nature

Going outdoors and looking at the nature around us helps us to focus better. Therefore, before an examination or doing something important, children should avoid looking at their screens and if there is no real nature to admire, even pictures of nature would do! The greenery will bring coolness to our eyes and clear up our minds, making us feel more centred and ready to take on whatever challenge that is in front of us with confidence and energy to focus.

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