This month, every student is gearing up for the anticipated March Holidays, the first holiday of the year. How do you intend to spend this holiday with your children? Too much fun and no work would not be good but children need sufficient amount of rest in order to recuperate as well. Here are some activities which would help you to maintain the balance between fun and being studious.


Reading should not be boring. It should also not be something you don’t look forward to. Here are some fantastic titles to start cultivating this habit:

Phyllis Wong and the secrets of Mr Okyto by Geooffrey McSkimming
My Life as an Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg
Girl Detective: Friday Barnes by R.A Spratt
Ship of Dolls by Shirley Parenteau
The Flyaway Girls by Julia Lawrinson
The Dog Runner by Bren MacDibble

Read these already? FInd more reccomendations at Children’s Books Daily

2. Learn about other cultures and traditions

Too often we stay in our comfort zones, not daring to step out and do things we normally do not. It helps children to understand the many differences the different races in Singapore have and teaches them the harmony that coexists among the different communities if they are more exposed to their traditions and cultures. Hence, this holiday, visit houses from other races, try other races’ food or visit exceptional places such as Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Centre, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Thian Hock Keng, Sri Mariamman Temple, Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Armenian Church and Masjid Sultan.

3. Have conversations with one another

If you are thinking of playing games with your child, sure. However, let’s not reduce games to what is electronically available but play games such as Taboo, where you are supposed to tell your partner to guess a certain word by giving clues or Pictionary, where you are supposed to make a person guess using drawings. These create camaraderie with family members as you know now what they are like in a fun setting. Bond with your child by bringing out the NERF guns and let them make breakfast for you so you can talk about them making breakfast for you. While a movie is great, it does not make room for conversations so activities such as fishing would allow you to reconnect and know your child inside and out before the hectic school schedule starts again.

4. Enrichment Courses

It does not have to be only intensive, it can also be engaging and fun for children to meet new people and new environment while learning tips and tricks that they can brag about once they go back to school! Our Learning Lodge is offering an early bird price for Situational Writing where students will be exposed to the different formats and also learn how to get full marks by making sure there will be no mistakes in language and no content would be missed out.

There is also a specialised Oral course which makes sure your child can practice Stimulus-Based Conversations with the teacher and have step-by-step guide to creating intellectual points with sufficient elaboration. Reading will become a breeze as every consonant that needs to be articulated will be explained in class.

The other two courses would be P5 Bridging Course and P6 Camp. The bridging between P5 to P6 is a delicate one because you need to be able to learn the new topics and master old ones. This sets the tone right to what students should expect to know in P6. The P6 Camp is no picnic either. It has all the crucial information and more for students to revise and learn through carefully curated questions. They can also stretch their abilities to the max by doing challenging tests and writing tough answers.

And there is a centre that can provide your child with interesting but challenging activities this March Holiday and that is Our Learning Lodge, a PSLE exam specialist situated in Jurong West. Do contact us via WhatsApp (+65 9727 2203), Facebook or Instagram if you are looking for a tuition centre.