These questions by Word From The Bird should be asked on a regular basis but since it is Chinese New Year this month, it would be good to start a new ritual of getting the family together and getting to know one another better.

Question 1: How are you feeling emotionally today? 

Many times we ask children what they have done in school and what happened during the day but it is also important to ask them how they are feeling to get to know if anything is bothering them and if they are feeling positive, it would also be good to know what makes them happy. For Chinese New Year, ask them how they feel about the holiday and the activities coming up before going to visit or going out. 

Question 2: What would you like to do with me today? 

Most of the time, we focus on our extended family members during this day but it is also crucial to carve some time out for the immediate family members to do something together to celebrate the special day. Without the interference of other family members who the children might not be comfortable with, take this opportunity to do something fun with them to celebrate the event together as a family unit. 

Question 3: What happened today that made you smile/laugh/cry/giggle? 

After spending the entire day with other cousins and other adults, it can be quite draining or exciting for the child. Depending on how extroverted the child is, most can feel quite tired while some can even feel ambushed by the questions and attention they receive on the special day. It is important to ask them what made them feel good about the day so they can reflect on the day and know the importance of visiting other family members. If they are not too keen on sharing about what might have made them upset, it is important to tell them it is okay to share and let you know their concerns as you will always have their back as the parent. 

Question 4: What are you thankful or grateful for today? 

In this modern age, there are many things that children are given. However, sometimes these things get taken for granted and instead of appreciating what they own, they start to compare with what other people have and are dejected when they are refused the things that might be better, more luxurious or just cooler. Hence, it is important to remind them that the things we have are enough at the moment and we can work towards earning the things we want.

Question 5: Is there anything you want to tell us that is hard for you to say?

Before going to bed, this is a question that can help them open up to you about any problems they might be facing, big or small. If anything is bothering them, this is the perfect time to probe about what might be the issue so that they do not mull about it and stay up during the night. If it gets shoved under the rug and they pretend it never happened, it will also force them to resolve it once and for all instead of bottling it up and showing an outburst of anger later. 

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