PSLE English


Learning English has never been made easier with our topical booklets full of examples and strategies to apply. 

The main focus for learning English is nailing each component by breaking down the question and forming an answer that fulfils the criteria as accurately as possible.

What do students struggle with most in English?
Many think that English is a language you cannot study and many students rely on instinct to try to form an answer especially when it comes to Synthesis, Comprehension and Creative Writing. However, we have a systematic approach that can help students to structure their sentences carefully with thought-provoking discussions and detailed methods.

Students will receive the best guidance from PSLE Specialists that can help them with any problems they have with the language. 

Bringing out the flair for English is what we try to do and you are welcome to enhance your skills with us this year to prepare for PSLE like never before!

PSLE English


Is your Primary 6 Child…




We can help your child improve for PSLE ENGLISH!

Our methods have helped 80% of our students attain their best results.

Our classes:

We have weekly 1.5-hour classes for Primary 6 students using our very own English booklets.

We divide our classes according to Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Such an approach is taken to ensure that we accurately target your child’s area of weakness and improve their scores for that particular topic.

E.g. if your child needs more help in Creative Writing, we would recommend your child to join the Creative Writing class along with Vocabulary to strengthen his or her language skills.

If you are unsure of the best class to sign up for your child, you can find out more about your child’s area of weakness through our free 1-hour diagnostic test along with 1-to-1 feedback.

English booklets:

 We analyse past PSLE and school prelim papers to revise and update our English booklets every quarter.

The resources we provide are suited towards your child to

    1. build a strong foundation and
    2. practice answering techniques to tackle difficult questions.

Our English booklets consist of:

      • Comprehensive notes
      • Practice questions (popular exam questions and challenging open-ended questions)
      • Revision Quiz (to provide feedback to the students and parents on their learning progress)

Engaging the students

In our English lessons, we use many examples to reinforce learning by helping your child relate to what they are learning.

We also provide important need-to-know tips for the students through our online learning platform, please view an example below:

Our holiday courses (FREE)!

Your child will also be included in all our English holiday courses for the year.

This is a BONUS that we provide for our regular students to ensure that they are given the maximum resources and attention in their learning journey to PSLE.

By attending both our regular classes and holiday courses, students will master the different English concepts under all topics easily.

They will also have more chances to practice drafting the thinking process and answering techniques with proper comparison words.

These will get them ready for the PSLE Exam!

Genuine Feedback

Our English teachers provide feedback to your child in class immediately after reviewing your child’s work.

To track your child’s learning progress, we also have topical tests that are related to the practice questions done in class.

There will also be quarterly feedback to review your child’s performance and progress to ensure parents play a part in their child’s PSLE journey as well.

What your child will bring home:

PSLE ScienceSome parents are worried that their children will just be copying answers on the whiteboard without any understanding.

We would like to assure you that English at Our Learning Lodge is all about understanding the practice we are doing at hand!

For example, for Comprehension, we will go through each and every paragraph of the passage before attempting the question.

The booklets will be filled with annotations and important keywords will be highlighted while strategies will be applied to each question. This is supplemented with our topical class tests to determine your child’s performance.

We are here to help p6 students taking their psle improve and achieve their desired al grades!

Our methods have helped 80% of our students attain their best results.

We have two classes designed to excel in both Paper 1 and Paper 2.  

Energy in Food
– Photosynthesis
– Respiration
– Iodine test

Energy forms, Uses and Conversions
– Forms of energy
– Energy conversions
– Renewable sources of energy

Interactions of Forces
– Effects of a force
– Magnetic force
– Gravitational force
– Elastic spring force
– Frictional force
– OEQs for:
(1) Effect of friction on the motion of objects and
(2) Effects of forces on springs

Interactions within the Environment
– Factors affecting the survival of an organism / population size
– 6 Habitats
– Food chains and food webs

Interactions within the Environment
Structural and behavioural adaptations
Man’s impact on the Environment

Revision of Lower Block Topics:
Lower block accelerated revision

PSLE Intensive Revision:
Mock Paper Sets A, B and C


Our Signature Holiday Courses for PSLE ENGLISH

Your child will be included in all these holiday courses for FREE if he or she is in our regular, weekly class.


PSLE Preparatory Workshop

1-week in June

Our most popular holiday workshop of the year. Your child will bring home a mind map booklet jam-packed with concepts learned from P3-P6, along with a filled practice booklet and targeted quiz practices.

Grammar Rules & CLoze Workshop

Held in August

There are two workshops for Science PSLE Revision: (1) Grammar and Synthesis, and (2) Cloze Workshop, these two workshops target different areas in the English PSLE exam paper and should be both attended.

PSLE Intensive Revision

PSLE Intensive Revision

Held in August

Your child will be completing 3 sets of Mock paper with challenging questions to test your child’s understanding of the topics. We will be going through each mock paper in class to clarify any misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Schedule a complimentary diagnostic assessment today!

Find out exactly the current point of knowledge your child is at and let us show them how they can improve! Investigate your child’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject, and what they need to focus on to score well for their exams including which areas need to be rectified before PSLE by exploring solutions with us to engage your child in learning and responding to your child’s individual learning style.


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