September Holiday Revision Workshop

Is your child ready for PSLE?

Has your child gotten all the resources he/she can possibly receive?

This September holiday, we are dedicated to making sure your child shows improvement in a short amount of time and spend the best way revising for the PSLE as it draws nearer and nearer.

A few ways we guarantee learning to the maximum are through Intensive Recaps, Daily Topical Test, and 1-to-1 Feedback session on your child’s areas for improvement.

*Students from previous years have improved 12-15 marks by attending the workshops. However, do note that the child’s attitude and tenacity play a major role in ensuring progress is made. Our Learning Lodge will provide the right environment for the child to do his or her best and will ensure the class is conducive for learning for all.

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P6 Preparatory Course 2021

first workshop (2 – 4 sept)

English Grammar and Synthesis (9am - 11am)

The English language contains strict rules hence a systematic approach to every component is introduced to our students with an in-depth review of questions in order to derive at the perfect answers.

Grammar – 8 tenses, determiners and Subject Verb Agreement – Identify clues and keywords with clear, annotated explanations to obtain answers

Synthesis – Step-by-step exclusive method for structuring sentences with proper techniques such as learning different word classes to tackle a wide range of synthesis question types. – e.g. Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect Speech with answers clearly annotated to reinforce steps to achieving accuracy.

Science Investigatory and Data Analysis Workshop (11.15am - 1.30pm)

In this workshop, we will be focusing on open-ended questions involving experiments and data.

Students will be taught to look out for clues in the questions and apply concepts they’ve learnt correctly so they can answer the questions with appropriate keywords to score high marks.

Students will practice a wide range of exam questions using simple but effective answering techniques.

  • Learn to identify trends from given data.
  • Learn to analyse and conclude/predict from given data.
  • Learn to formulate hypothesis and suggest possibilities.
  • Learn to answer experimental-based questions.
Maths Before-After Problem Sums Workshop (2pm - 4pm)

In this workshop, common heuristic concepts will be emphasized to deepen your child’s understanding and knowledge of crucial testable concepts based on the 5 main chapters: Whole Number, Decimals, Fraction, Ratio and Percentage. Having the right techniques for these topics will help your child score 10-20 marks more in their paper.

Students will learn to highlight the key-words in the question and identify the concepts. (Eg. Equal Number left -> difference unchanged)

These concepts will be taught to them step-by-step, allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept.

We will also be highlighting all common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.

PSLE Boot Camp (5 – 8 Sept)

English PSLE Boot Camp (9am - 11.30am)

The English Language has a lot of facets to it and for a good command of English to be shown across all components of Paper 1 and Paper 2, students will be taught to:

  • Adhere to all the rules on Grammar and sentence structuring and re-structuring.
  • Understand that the English Language is just like any other subject, with efforts needed to memorize and follow certain definitions.
  • Look into each word and be able to differentiate their meaning and uses in different contexts.
  • Find clues to support intelligent answers that not only fit the sentence but the entire passage.
  • Develop their points coherently and succinctly at the same time.
  • Be bold enough to be creative and think outside the box.
  • Those with a flair for the language will be encouraged to push the envelope by developing and elaborating higher levels of understanding.
Science PSLE Boot Camp (12pm - 2.30pm)

Science is an interesting subject that students enjoy. However, when they are asked to answer questions, they do not know how to apply their knowledge, or phrase their responses in a way that demonstrates understanding.

In the Science PSLE Boot Camp, each student will be:

  • Organising key concepts to understand systematically
    • Complete concept maps on the 5 topics to organise important keywords and information for understanding.
    • Highlight keywords and link back to summary of important concepts that they have done.
  • Given tips to memorise for easy recall
    • Use Acronyms (e.g. WET, WOW) techniques to memorise concepts.
  • Practising answering techniques
    • Compare, Describe, Explain, Why, State, List, Predict, Relate, and many more!
    • E.g. “What is the relationship…”
    • Ans: As the X increases/decreases, the Y increase/decreases.
    • E.g. “Compare the differences…”
    • Ans: X breathes through lungs, but Y breathes through gills.
  • Guided on methods to answer experimental-based questions
    • Students will learn to identify: Aim of experiment, changed variable, measured variable.
    • Think critically: Variables to be kept the same, control set-up, and conclusion for experiment.
  • Practising carefully selected exam Science questions
    • Students will get to correct the mistakes made and re-learn those concepts.
Maths PSLE Boot Camp (3pm - 5.30pm)

Many students often struggle with problem sums and are unable to even begin solving the question. Using the H.I.T. model, students will be first taught how to Highlight Keywords from the question, Identify the Concepts and be able to Think of the First Step on their own.

  • These concepts will be taught to them step-by-step, allowing the students to understand the strategies behind each concept.
  • We will also be highlighting all the common mistakes made by students and how to avoid them.
  • Lastly, imparting the exam skills and answering techniques for them to ace in their exams.

Second workshop (9 – 11 sept)

English Targeting Cloze (9am - 11am)

In this workshop, students will be doing a variety of Cloze passages. This includes, Grammar Cloze, Editing, Vocabulary Cloze and Comprehension Cloze. Why only Cloze passages? Students often lose marks in these sections because they are not familiar with sentence structures.

Each section possesses similar rules which students will learn and apply throughout the workshop. This will help students to make proper assumptions with logical explanations instead of making wild guesses. Here, students get to take a front row seat in discovering methods and techniques to score in English with certainty and not by rolling a dice.

Students will learn how to:

  • Find clues in every passage
  • Annotate to narrow down the possible answers
  • Analyse variety of passages with logic and assimilation
  • Connect the dots by reading between the lines
  • Perceive and interpret content with precision
Science Explanation-Based Questions Workshop (11.15am - 1.30pm)

Has your child always been missing the half mark for explanatory questions?

This workshop will focus on answering techniques for questions requiring students to “Explain why”.

Using structured key points in the correct logical flow, students would be guided step-by-step in the thought process to construct the final answer that will score full two marks in open ended questions.

  • Guided thought process with questions that prompt students to think about the key points required in the answer.
  • Guided construction of final answer after key points are written down.
  • Students will realise important key points that were missed in their answers which prevented them from scoring full two marks, and learn from their mistakes.
  • Students will be able to better answer challenging exam questions using systematic thought processes taught in this workshop.
  • Students can take the opportunity to recall important concepts that they have forgotten.
Maths Challenging Problem Sums Workshop (2pm - 4pm)

We will be showing your child how to solve less common, non-routine questions that are usually 4 to 5 marks and require a combination of skill sets to be able to think critically.
This is the crucial 10-20 marks in their problem sums section that separates the normal students and the AL 1-3 students.

  • Students will be attempting challenging questions from all topics.
  • Learn to identify clues from the question and break down into few simple steps.
  • Students will be able to better answer challenging exam questions using systematic thought processes taught in this workshop.
  • Students can take the opportunity to recall important concepts that they might have forgotten.

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Due to our dedication in keeping classes small to provide our students with more attention and care, seats are limited and will be subjected to first come, first serve basis.

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What our students and their parents say

The teaching methods were very clear, which helped me understand topics better and led me to improve in my math and science a lot. The teachers are also very helpful and approachable. When I need help with something I do not understand, they are always there willing to help. I am very thankful to OLL for helping me improve and do well for my PSLE.

Belle Lim

Juying Primary School

I saw significant improvement in my Science when I joined Our Learning Lodge for Science lessons. The pleasant environment provided by OLL allowed me to focus more. Concepts were clearly explained and the teachers were friendly and engaging. Fun was injected to the lesson so we could have a more enjoyable time learning.
Amelia Ong

Rulang Primary School

I improved 6 marks for PSLE Oral and my grades for other subjects improved too! The skills taught to me for Science allowed me to answer the questions fluently and I was able to provide explanations for my answers. Our Learning Lodge has a different approach. They do not just hand us homework but they teach memorable techniques and strategies that you will never forget.
Jian Lun

Jurong West Primary School

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