Secondary 2 Bridging Course

Secondary 2 is an important juncture for students to level up and improve for English, Maths and Science. It is known as the Streaming year where your child will get to choose which subject combination they want at the end of the second semester. Hence, it is very important for your child to perform well for their end-of-year exams.

You may be thinking it’s okay for your child to start studying next year but why not use this holiday period in November and December to upgrade their level of knowledge and get more exposed to the question types they will see in Secondary 2?

This Secondary 2 Bridging course is to prepare your child for the gruelling year ahead so that they know what to expect as they advance towards upper secondary.

Look below for what each subject is focusing on and choose your time slot. We look forward to seeing your child this year!

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Sec 2 English

From Secondary 1 to Secondary 2, students should expect to have a better command of the English language. Their vocabulary should have expanded and their critical thinking skills should also have improved because they have been exposed more to the language during Secondary 1. However, many students would still struggle to write in their own words for Non-narrative questions and some would still be unsure about editing parts of the passage in Summary to make it their own.

Besides that, changing verbs to nouns or adhering to the Grammar rules and correcting sentence structures may remain a challenge to some students who may not know the different terminology we use in English Grammar.

Therefore, Sec 2 English Bridging Course is to hone these skills in students who wants to conquer their second year in secondary school.

These are what the Secondary 2 English Bridging Course will be covering:

  • Paper 1: Editing, Situational Writing and Argumentative Writing
  • Paper 2: Visual Text, Narrative Comprehension and Non-narrative Comprehension

With tests and practices, by the end of the course, your child would have done an entire paper and will be more familiar with the question types. They will also get to learn how to develop their writing and certain answering techniques which will benefit them greatly.

Sec 2 Maths

In Secondary 2 Math, there is a huge emphasis on ALGEBRA where students will be required to solve both linear and quadratic equations. This would include real-life questions that adopts algebra as a model to solve the question.

As Algebra is a topic repeated in ALL the subsequent topics taught in secondary 2, students with a poor foundation will struggle to keep up with the rest of the topics taught. Hence, it is very important to start the year on the right foot.

Our Secondary 2 Maths Bridging Course is specially designed to help students build a strong foundation in Algebra which is essential to excel in Secondary Math.

With this in mind, the Secondary 2 Maths Bridging Course gives students a head start before school commences next year in 2023 by providing a brief introduction to the following topics to ease their transition into a new level.

  • Congruence and Similarity
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Quadratic Graphs and Equations
  • Pythagoras Theorem and Trigonometry Ratios
  • Pyramids, Cones and Spheres
  • Statistics and Probability

Students will be guided step-by-step in class with summary notes and questions. There will also be a topical diagnostic test at the end of each day to gauge students’ mastery of the topic.

Sec 2 Science

One common challenge seen among students moving from primary to secondary science is the struggle to understand topics learned in secondary school that builds upon the concepts taught in primary school.

The Secondary 2 Science Bridging Course gives students a head start before school commences next year by providing knowledge recaps of primary science and a brief introduction to new concepts.

The following topics are selected to ease students’ transition into secondary 2:

  • Forces and pressure
  • Energy and work done
  • Transfer of heat energy (Conduction)
  • Chemical changes
  • Interactions within ecosystems

Students will receive a booklet with simplified notes and questions, and guided step-by-step in class. There will also be a mini recap quiz at the end of each topic to test for students’ understanding of what was taught.

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Due to our dedication in keeping classes small to provide our students with more attention and care, seats are limited and will be subjected to first come, first serve basis.

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What our students and their parents say

The teaching methods were very clear, which helped me understand topics better and led me to improve in my math and science a lot. The teachers are also very helpful and approachable. When I need help with something I do not understand, they are always there willing to help. I am very thankful to OLL for helping me improve and do well for my PSLE.

Belle Lim

Juying Primary School

I saw significant improvement in my Science when I joined Our Learning Lodge for Science lessons. The pleasant environment provided by OLL allowed me to focus more. Concepts were clearly explained and the teachers were friendly and engaging. Fun was injected to the lesson so we could have a more enjoyable time learning.
Amelia Ong

Rulang Primary School

I improved 6 marks for PSLE Oral and my grades for other subjects improved too! The skills taught to me for Science allowed me to answer the questions fluently and I was able to provide explanations for my answers. Our Learning Lodge has a different approach. They do not just hand us homework but they teach memorable techniques and strategies that you will never forget.
Jian Lun

Jurong West Primary School

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