Secondary 1 Bridging Course

New school, new friends and new syllabus!

There are a lot of things that your child needs to get used to in secondary school. CCAs are different, teachers are different and more importantly, topics are different across all three subjects, English, Maths and Science. Not to mention, they have additional subjects to cope with such as Geography and Literature.

Before entering the school, I am sure as parents, you would want to assuage your child such that they can start their new curriculum with confidence and certainty.

What better way to do that than to enrol your child in our Sec 1 Bridging Course which covers all that they need to know about the new curriculum they will be learning next year.

This November/December holiday is a good time for your child to learn the basics of the curriculum so that they have an advantage over their peers once the school term starts.

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Sec 1 English

In secondary school, these are the components in the English syllabus and these are the components that we will be covering in the Secondary 1 English Bridging course:

Paper 1

  • Editing:
    • No longer testing on Spelling, this component focuses on Grammar and the errors must be identified by the students themselves.
  • Situational Writing:
    • Students are supposed to be creative and develop their points based on the information they are given.
  • Continuous Writing:
    • Although Personal Recount is quite similar to compositions in Primary School, there will also be Expository writing which is non-fiction writing and students will learn how to formulate their points by using the Point, Evidence. Elaboration and Link method.

Paper 2

  • Visual Text:
    • No longer MCQ, students will learn how to answer the different question types.
  • Narrative Comprehension:
    • Although the type of passage is the same as in Primary School, the question types are different such as Language Use which is identifying and explaining similes, metaphors or personifications.
  • Non-narrative Comprehension:
    • Completely new to students, the passage will be factual and students cannot lift answers from the passage.Furthermore, there is also Summary which require students to rephrase and select the right points but reorganise them in a concise manner.

Sec 1 Maths

In Secondary 1 Math, there is a huge shift in the problem-solving approach from emphasis on models to ALGEBRA. Drawing of models is no longer required in problem sums and instead students are now taught to write algebraic equations to solve the problem.

The biggest and most common stumbling-block students face is weak mastery of Negative Numbers and Algebra in the first term of school. As Algebra is a topic repeated in ALL the subsequent topics taught in secondary 1, students with a poor foundation will struggle to keep up with the rest of the topics taught. Hence, it is very important to start the year on the right foot.

Our Secondary 1 Maths Bridging Course is specially designed to help students build a strong foundation in Algebra which is essential to excel in Secondary Math. Students will get a head start before school commences next year by providing a brief introduction to the following topics to ease their transition into a new level.

  • Whole Numbers (HCF, LCM & Negative Numbers)
  • Algebra (Expansion, Factorization and simplification)
  • Ratio and Percentage (involving algebra)
  • Number Patterns and Sequence
  • Geometry (Angles, Constructions and Polygon)
  • Co-ordinate Geometry (Graph and Gradient)

Students will be guided step-by-step in class with summary notes and questions. There will also be a topical diagnostic test at the end of each day to gauge students’ mastery of the topic.

Sec 1 Science

Lower secondary science provides an important foundation for the subject choices of biology, chemistry and physics that are available in upper secondary.

One common challenge seen among students moving from primary to secondary science is the struggle to understand topics learned in secondary school that builds upon the concepts taught in primary school.

This could be due to weak foundation and poor attitude in primary school, or students might have forgotten what had been learned previously.

With this in mind, the Secondary 1 Science Bridging Course gives students a head start before school commences next year by providing a brief introduction to the following topics to ease their transition into a new level.

  • Scientific Endeavour
  • Physical quantity and Measurements
  • Materials and density
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
  • Separation techniques

Students will be guided step-by-step in class with a booklet consisting of simplified notes and questions. There will also be a mini science quiz at the end of each topic to test for students’ understanding of what was taught.

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Due to our dedication in keeping classes small to provide our students with more attention and care, seats are limited and will be subjected to first come, first serve basis.

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What our students and their parents say

The teaching methods were very clear, which helped me understand topics better and led me to improve in my math and science a lot. The teachers are also very helpful and approachable. When I need help with something I do not understand, they are always there willing to help. I am very thankful to OLL for helping me improve and do well for my PSLE.

Belle Lim

Juying Primary School

I saw significant improvement in my Science when I joined Our Learning Lodge for Science lessons. The pleasant environment provided by OLL allowed me to focus more. Concepts were clearly explained and the teachers were friendly and engaging. Fun was injected to the lesson so we could have a more enjoyable time learning.
Amelia Ong

Rulang Primary School

I improved 6 marks for PSLE Oral and my grades for other subjects improved too! The skills taught to me for Science allowed me to answer the questions fluently and I was able to provide explanations for my answers. Our Learning Lodge has a different approach. They do not just hand us homework but they teach memorable techniques and strategies that you will never forget.
Jian Lun

Jurong West Primary School

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