Each new year comes with new daunting information such as new topics or new activities. This is a great challenge that allows students to stretch their potential even further. Children often want to do better when playing games. A little competition is good for everyone. However, just like in every game, there is an objective set. This objective becomes a goal that your kid will strive for and if this goal is achieved, the child will feel satisfied and accomplished. Therefore, it is very important to set the right kind of goals to keep them aiming for something throughout the year. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep them motivated and driven for the upcoming year:

New Year Resolutions

Sit down and discuss what might your child aspirations be this year. Come up with certain goals they might want to achieve, no matter how small they seem to be. It can be to improve at a certain skill such as, “I want to write neater.” It can be a PSLE score they want to achieve or a habit they want to cultivate. This resolution can be used to keep the momentum for the year going and keep them on track. Remember, the aspirations need to be challenging but at the same time realistic. Do not set tasks that are almost impossible to achieve as your child might feel disappointed and have a lack of self-esteem and confidence for not meeting the expectations. They should also have goals that they themselves want to achieve so that they can be self-motivated. A year minus holidays can still be a long period to sustain their drive. Hence, parents and teachers cannot be always there to push them forward. They need to keep at it even when no one is looking to check and if they love their goal, they will keep playing the game to get the objective. 

Preparing Schedule

Come up with a timetable and an overall view of the whole year. Highlight the differences they might have to get comfortable with. Warn them of the new things they might be expecting such as more homework, new leadership roles and new environment. Inform them of what will the teachers expect of them now that they are in, perhaps, their final year in Primary School and how can they be better, bolder and brighter students! Big boys and girls should learn how to prioritise and plan ahead which is why knowing what is coming next will give them enough time to always be prepared. Parents can also give them new tasks and new responsibilities at home such as doing chores. This will help them to be more proactive and teach them how to be a part of a team. 


It does not matter if you delay the setting of the goals. A new month, birthday and every new semester you can come up with a goal and monitor those that you set before just to see the child’s progress. How many per cent of the goals have been achieved already? How much more effort needs to be put in? Are there any new ways to help in completing the goal or new setbacks your child face when trying to complete the goal? These questions will help to narrow the choices you have to make in order to fulfil the goal. Just like in any game, what’s important is that you learn and have an enjoyable time.

Make the journey a fruitful one for your child!

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