We keep getting distracted, especially in this modern world where technological gadgets are surrounding us and we are always busy with some form of activity involving work, school or leisure. What happens when we want to have some time to be productive but not for the sake of money or our academic results, just for our satisfaction and fulfilment? However, we find it difficult to shut the world around us and focus solely on the task.

Here are 7 wonders that you can try to zone in and concentrate on the thing that will give you happiness:

  1. The first thing you can do is plan. 

Make sure your schedule is free and everyone knows not to disturb you at that particular period of time. Finish whatever pending work you have before and block out that period of time beforehand. Anything urgent which needs to be dealt with can wait and you have to stay disciplined enough to not do anything else for the amount of time you have set aside. 

  1. Get rid of your mobile device. 

This is the number one cause of distraction and it should be as far away from you as possible so that you do not look at any notifications or feel like scrolling through social media. Also, do not use using your phone as an excuse to do research or for inspiration. In fact, it is better to keep it old school and note it on a notepad or sketchbook or even whiteboard. 

  1. Your work ends at the workplace. 

If you are still studying, finish your homework early and get it out of the way before doing whatever makes you happy. If you are a working adult, do not look at e-mails or let your mind wander to what tasks are pending tomorrow. Use your time at home to unwind before starting on your personal project and making some progress even if it’s only for half an hour. 

  1. Your environment decides how efficient you are. 

Make sure your desk is not full of things that might distract you. A notebook or two with some stationeries is fine but keep other books in your bookcase and keep everything else in the drawers. The screen should take up your entire view and a blank wall so you can enjoy complete peace when doing what you love. 

  1. Squeeze in the time 

Many of us think that we do not have enough time because our days are consumed with work and other responsibilities. Especially when you are a student and you have homework, CCA and tuition to juggle but there are always pockets of time to take advantage of. If you want to learn a new language, learning ten words a day would only take ten minutes of your time and you can definitely find that precious ten minutes either before going to school or before going to sleep. 

  1. No notifications are allowed on your computer or laptop also. 

Reason being, once you read a text, you would tend to want to reply and it will take you a few seconds to provide the new information and get back to whatever you were doing. So, do not have your Telegram web application open on your laptop or computer. Also, do not have the Facebook website open as one of your tabs because it will detract you from doing whatever is necessary for you to complete what you set to achieve. 

  1. Music can help but only the right kind 

Music is necessary to put you in the right mood and there are many playlists you can listen to on Spotify or YouTube. I personally recommend the nature sounds such as rainfall complemented with a soothing instrumental background. After completing the task for that day, you can then reward yourself with other songs that have lyrics and party away. 

Why is it important to do something for yourself for a while at least maybe twice a week? Because it is necessary to remind ourselves of what we like to do and our passion. Our identity is not just our title at work or as students of a school, we have our own inclinations and should be allowed to act according to them at least for some time before the world interrupts us again. 

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