Time flies and the week becomes blurry with the first day of the week being dreadful and the last day of the week being our last hurrah before it all starts to become dreadful again. Without a proper plan, it would be a hazy memory and you are left to ask yourself, “What have I done this entire week?” If you are looking for tips on how to make use of your time fully, look no further. Here are three tips by Hello Peaceful Mind on how to make your week a purposeful one.

Create monthly goals

Before we go into details regarding what to achieve each week, it is important for you to lay out the overarching theme of the month. What do you set out to achieve by the end of the month and why? The reason would propel you to work harder and knowing that you have to reach your goal at the end would make every week meaningful.

Make a tasklist for each goal

It’s time to break it down into tasks or things that you need to do in order to achieve your goal. Even though now we are at a planning stage, remember that planning does not get anything done. Hence, it’s very important for you to actually execute what you plan. Plan carefully such that you will end up doing the task rather than set incredibly difficult tasks which you would abandon halfway.

Schedule the task

It is important to prioritise and give each task the time that it deserves. Plan, not just weekly, but daily so that you can keep track of the progress and be diligent and disciplined at carrying out the tasks.

If you feel like planning is too tedious and a waste of time, look at how you’ve been spending your week so far without a plan. Have you used the time wisely? If not, follow the steps and start climbing the ladder to success.

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