Holidays are all about fun, excitement and rest but many children will feel quite lethargic after a week of staying at home. Many will venture into multiple new hobbies throughout the day but gets tired of them after a while. 

Before you know it, two weeks will pass and they have to start gearing up for school again. Here are ten tips to keep them feeling encouraged and bursting with energy to confront new challenges after the holidays.

  1. Work on a task for two minutes

Sometimes, starting on a chore or a compulsory duty may be so hard to do. We tend to procrastinate on things that we deemed as unimportant such as making the bed. However, we should always try to work on accomplishing something for two minutes and once you have that headstart, you are more likely to stay focused on that act for a longer period of time. 

  1. Self-evaluation is important

Knowing the root of the problem is important in identifying what can be done to solve the issue. What is the underlying issue behind feeling unmotivated can be discovered by analysing why your child feels a certain way. Using prompts in a feelings journal or from tarot cards can help in getting them to reflect about themselves.

  1. Gratitude list

During the holidays, it is important for children to be reminded about the blessings they are surrounded with and what they want to work towards after the holidays because it is very important to not take things for granted and to know that nothing can be attained without hard work.

  1. Physical exercise

Movement is important and sweating it out is important too. If your body is feeling good, your inner self will glow too. Kids need to run around and be active during the holidays so that they remain positive after the holidays.

  1. Affirmations and quotes

Children can have low self-esteem at times and at other times, they just need reminders of how wonderful they can be! Constant encouragement from a song, a storybook or any other medium that gives them a sense of belonging, safety and a feeling that they can take on the world is good for them over the holidays! 

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