Habits are minor tasks that make life simpler and more efficient. Starting to do them may be difficult but once we get the hang of it, doing them will become second nature. 

Here is a list of habits your child can pick up: 

1. Evaluate your day

With so many things going on, it can be normal for your child to not remember or miss out on things happening throughout the day. Hence, it is important for your child to sit down and think about what has occurred. What did he like about the day and what does he not like about the day? What has he achieved or is disappointed about? This will help him keep track of how far or how close he is to achieving his goals for the year. 

2. Planning the next day

Knowing what is in store the following day can put your child’s mind at ease. He or she no longer have to worry about what the future might bring but look forward to certain experiences that might bring him closer to his goals. Not to mention, your child will eventually get used to his routine and be prepared to take on each day with readiness.

3. Read

If your child finds it difficult to read every day, then schedule a time every week. If every week is too difficult, create time for every month. Reading is a habit that your child will benefit from not only for tests and exams but for critical skills that can help your child go further in life. 

4. Write things down

In this digital age, many refuse to write with ink and paper. However, this skill is still necessary. Only by writing down things can we remember them better and process certain information more carefully and with precision. Despite doing so for homework and school practices, many children do not write down other things such as lists and daily reminders. If they can get used to writing these things down, they will eventually find writing for schoolwork something natural and not a burden. 

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