The June holidays will be coming soon! Instead of spending all the time indoors, why not spend some quality time together with your child in the great outdoors? With this in mind, we have gathered a list of Kampong style activities to do during the June school holidays 2022.

1. Learning a different language
Learning some conversational Chinese/Malay/Tamil this June holidays can rekindle their Kampong spirit! By learning other languages, students can improve their communication skills with other people and build better bonds with others. This can even help to improve the social skills of students. Furthermore, studies have shown that learning another language can help to improve one’s listening skills and can improve concentration–both of which are essential skills to have in preparation for the PSLE.

2. Visit an actual Kampong
Give your child a break from the monotony of studying indoors with some outdoor Kampong style activities! Explore the last surviving Kampong in Singapore–Kampong Lorong Buangkok–for the authentic Kampong experience. Students can experience the slow-paced Kampong life away from the bustle of the city during this June holidays. 

3. Prawning
Feeling tired after cycling for the day? Visit any prawning facility near you and experience the thrill of catching your own seafood and bond with your child at the same time. Students can train their patience while waiting for a prawn to bite.

Make full use of your June school holidays!

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