Escape Room

Our Learning Lodge plans two separate and unique Escape Room events (March and September) every year for our students.

It is an immersive 40-minute fun adventure game where the students come together as a group of 4-5 to complete a themed mission by completing tasks across three subjects – English, Maths and Science in order to find the locks to “escape the room”.

The purpose of the Escape Room is to encourage teamwork while solving different tasks and enhance understanding across the different subjects in a fun immersive experience. It is educational and fun at the same time!

The Escape Room theme is exclusive and changes every time. There will be no repeats and we are glad to provide you with an exclusive look at our past events.

Come join us and see what the hype is all about for yourselves!

Escape Room

  Here are our Past Escape Rooms!

The students get to explore different themes throughout the years. 
It will be an exciting time for everyone as the theme will only be revealed closer to the date. 

Escape Room 2019
Escape Room 2020
Escape Room 2021
Escape Room 2019

Photo Gallery!

Here are our fun times captured on camera.
Why be so serious during school holidays and after exams?

Escape Room Owl

Frequently Asked Questions about our escape room!

Can my child attend Escape Rooms twice?
Your child may not as they would know the answer to the clues and the puzzle would not be as fun anymore for their friends.
Is our escape rooms free-of -charge?
Yes, come and have an adventure for free and ask your friends to come along too. The more, the merrier!
Will the themes be too inappropriate for children or be too scary for them? Will they really be locked in a room?
We always keep in mind that they are children after all. Hence, the scary factor is dialled back to accommodate them. They will not be locked in the room, the door will only be closed for dramatic effect. A teacher will also be there to guide them through and give them more hints to solving the puzzles.
Where will it be conducted?
In our centre at Jurong West.



Our escape rooms are open in March and September. If you would like your child to participate in the upcoming escape room, please Whatsapp Us by clicking on the button below to R.S.V.P. Or simply, look out for the poster on our Instagram or Facebook and sign up via the link!


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