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Here are three exclusive perks for all Our Learning Lodge’s students:

Perk #1 (Worth $125)

Specially curated revision package covering all key topics and study tips for English, Mathematics, and Science before PSLE. 

Perk #2 (Worth $99)

Exclusive and complimentary access to our online learning platform with full video explanations to reinforce lessons or bridge knowledge gaps. 

Perk #3 (Worth $189)

OLL promises a waiver of deposit, registration fee and material fee along with a complimentary Welcome Stationery Kit!

Why Join Our Learning Lodge?

Dedicated subject specialists

Each teacher specialises in one subject and is committed in delivering top-notch quality education.

Small class sizes

Small class sizes in a learner-centric environment ensures that your child receives the attention and help from our teachers.

Well-designed study materials

Specially curated booklets which are updated yearly to keep up with the syllabus. 

Engaging and interactive classes

Gone are the days of boring, one-way lectures. Our Learning Lodge empowers students to take charge of their own learning, providing a safe space to ask questions. 

Tracking learning progression

1-to-1 feedback sessions and detailed individualised reports to keep parents informed every step of the way.


Raving reviews and stellar track record

Dozens of testimonials from satisfied parents and students who have improved tremendously after joining us.

Guaranteed improvement

With proven, step-by-step solutions, classes at Our Learning Lodge is guaranteed to help boost your child’s scores within a few months. 

Examination preparation courses

Our Learning Lodge offers various courses during the holidays to further strengthen and enhance your child’s mastery across all subjects. 

24/7 homework support

Take the frustration out of challenging homework through our open communication channels for parents and students to reach out regarding any questions.

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