Our Learning Lodge always caters to the different methods of learning and make sure that it suits the student’s learning style. You must have heard about the 7 learning styles by Integrated Learning Services. 

There are Visual learners, Verbal learners, Aural learners, Physical learners, Logical learners, Social learners and Solitary learners. Now, we are going to explore what are some of the features which a child with one of the learning style manifest. 

Visual Learner
They usually sit in front of the class if possible and the information is clearer for them and easier to grasp if it is represented with a chart or graph. They love a detailed outline, the broader idea or concept is better to manage but they will still copy everything that is written on the board. They will label things with colours and make lists with bullet points. They also enjoy visual technology and with the digital world of education now, they are at an advantage. 

Auditory (Aural) Learners
They prefer lectures and listening to the teacher talk than reading a passage. They like to read aloud and often do it to gain a better sense of the subject at hand. They are very participative in discussions and likes to be involved in debates. They also might have a habit of incorporating songs when it comes to memorising important information. They have the advantage of remembering names easily because when someone verbally introduces themselves, the aural learner retains that information easily.

Verbal learners
They have an excellent memory and how they retain the information is by rereading and rewriting notes over and over again. A Science teacher once asked the entire class to write Scientific explanations four times and that tasks may seem useless and tedious but for some students, it is the most effective way to learn. They also love acting out certain themes to learn new concepts. A great poet to be, they are not only good with rhymes but also word games and tongue twisters. They create lists with keywords when they are studying to narrow down the heavy information and they are more than capable of writing down their thoughts in a notebook. 

Kinesthetic learners
They enjoy drawing and appreciate any form of art. Legos will work best with them because they like to learn with blocks and they count better when there are 3-D objects to touch. The ideal way to teach kinesthetic learners is hands-on learning which is why in secondary school, there are subjects such as D&T and Home Economics that is better for kinesthetic learners. They can learn via reading or reciting the written content but they would probably need to pace around a room for better retention. They are always down for an art project, athletically more gifted than the rest and likes to live in the moment rather than be fixated on the outcome in the future.

Logical learners
They enjoy playing strategically by classifying and regrouping objects and are often good with numbers. They are curious and will always ask, “Why?” when given an answer and this is because they have very high levels of reasoning skills and can come up with a good argument. However, they will focus more on statistics and prefers maths games and brain teasers.

Social learners
They excel in group learning and can easily read another person’s feelings are because they are socially intelligent. They have a higher level of emotional intelligence and that is why they communicate with others easily and loves a session of dialogue with the other party because discussions are what stimulate them. They also love to share whatever they have learnt with somebody else and teach them willingly.

Solitary learners
They usually prefer to work alone and may not have much to say in a group setting but they are very in tune with their feelings. For them, it is very important to try to find a quiet and comfortable place to study. They usually take initiative for their personal learning and set goals for themselves so they won’t be easily distracted by other things. They are also more likely to keep a journal so that they can track their progress at their own pace and not depend on others’ achievements to keep them motivated.

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