P6 students with special talents can apply and gain a spot in specific secondary schools before they even sit for their PSLE examinations. Some of these talents include sports and games, leadership qualities or even debate and public speaking skills.


Log in to the DSA-Sec portal.


Jan to May:

Explore school choices. Parents and their child can use this time to decide which school is best suited for their child. Factors to consider include transportation and travel time, programmes and activities offered by the school suited for your child’s talents, academic requirements by the school and many others.

8 May to 4 June:

Apply via the DSA-Sec portal

By 30 Aug:

Attend different interviews and trials. Check with the specific schools for the interview or trial dates. Three possible outcomes of the interview include confirmed offer, waitlist (your child may be offered a position if other applicants reject their confirmed offer), or unsuccessful.

End Oct:

Choose up to 3 schools with confirmed offers. Eligible students will receive a School Preference Form with further instructions on the application process. If you have already submitted your child’s preference but still wish to withdraw, log in into the MOE online system and withdraw before the end of this stage.

Late Nov:

Receive both school allocation and PSLE results. If the DSA application outcome was unsuccessful, then your child must submit their secondary school choices within one week of receiving the PSLE results.
With all the different secondary schools offering unique DSA programmes, parents may face some frustration as they gather the information together. With this in mind, we have categorised the DSA programmes offered by 12 schools in the West region, according to the type of DSA programme they offer.

Here are the 12 schools:

  1. River Valley High School
  2. Nan Hua High School
  3. Bukit Panjang Government High School
  4. Swiss Cottage Secondary School
  5. Commonwealth Secondary School
  6. Kranji Secondary School
  7. West Spring Secondary School
  8. Hua Yi Secondary School
  9. Clementi Town Secondary School
  10. Jurong Secondary School
  11. Nan Hua High School
  12. School of Science and Technology