Carol Dweck discovered that success lies in the mindset of individuals and more specifically, on whether a person has a fixed mindset or growth mindset. This is your chance to start observing your child and identify which mindset does he or she have and try to get them to change their mindset before it’s too late. 

According to Fixed vs Growth Mindset | AOT Blog, people with a fixed mindset are those who believe in talent. They believe that whatever skills that they have are due to the innate ability that they possess and according to them, it is not under their control. There is nothing they can do if they are good or bad at something. 

For people with a growth mindset, they are under the impression that they can be better at what they do if they work on it. They also believe that to fail at something is just another opportunity to learn whereas people with a fixed mindset tend to avoid challenges and make mistakes in order to not get embarrassed.

Instead of trying to improve along the way, people with a fixed mindset will get defensive when given criticism. People with a growth mindset appreciate feedback and use it to their advantage which says a lot about how they persevere in life with grit and determination.

The mindset is also different in the way they perceive other people’s success. For example, someone with a fixed mindset may become threatened by others’ success but people with a growth mindset may feel inspired looking at successful people and learn from them instead.

After reading what’s written above, will you teach your child how to have a growth mindset? We hope you do because it is known to have positive effects on your child. For example, it reduces the burnout one may have while studying and it improves their motivation to learn and academic performance especially in Maths and Science. It also is known to combat psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Children with a growth mindset also tend to have lesser behavioural problems.  

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