There are many books for you to read but only a few special ones could bring you closer to your loved ones and spark discussions as well as discourse. Here are a few books selected by our English teacher that you should definitely check out. 

  1. For the older children

The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1001 Nights is perfect for a secondary school student who likes fantasy and have an imaginative mind, The book contains many tales of mystery and magic and not to mention, many lessons to learn from. If your child is somebody who reads through books too fast, this will keep them entertained for at least more than a month as it is told in volumes, and do not worry about it not being able to keep your child interested because reading it is like reading 1,001 short stories. Hence, your child will always be discovering new characters and new stories. It will also not be repetitive as each story is unique and has a quality of freshness in them. 

Those that would enjoy the above would also enjoy traveling in time and they can live precariously through Penelope who is the main character of a historical fiction titled A Traveller in Time. Set in the era of Mary, The Queen of Scots, experience the journey of a lifetime as Penelope tries to save the Queen along with the friends she makes in her adventure. For those who would prefer light reading, they would be delighted to enjoy this book for what it is which is a beautiful ride in the past captured in modern times. 

  1. For those who have siblings

Siblings are a group of people that is unique and only those who have siblings will understand the type of relationship they have. Here are some stories that will take you on a journey that siblings undergo together. Go through the ups and downs with them in these adventures and enjoy their tenacity and grit throughout these tales. 

In Ballet Shoes, three adopted sisters were left to be taken care of by Sophia but when she started to lose money, the Fossils decided to undergo training under Madame Fidolia and took to the stage but being famous stars began to take a toll on them. Read how each girl reacts differently to the situation and how even adopted sisters have a real bond of friendship, love, and care. 

The Railway Children is about a family who had to lose their house in the city and was forced to live in the country because of their father’s disappearance. Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis made friends at the train station and spent their time near the track, waving to the passing London train to send love to their Father but the key to finding their father happens to be an old gentleman who waves back to them. Read the book to find out what their correspondence would lead to and what fate lies for the three siblings and their mother. 

Five Children and It is a classic which is a fantasy involving a sand fairy! 5 siblings dug a gravel pit and found a fairy which they decided to keep as a pet. This fairy can make all their wishes come true but as the saying goes, “ Be careful what you wish for.” A better version of Disenchanted where a wish went terribly wrong, this book would take you on a journey of 5 siblings who have to stick together no matter what in order to clear up the mess that they made. 

Last but not least is Swallows and Amazons. Follow the Walker children on an escapade which is essentially a camping trip gone wrong. Pirates hijacked their trip and their summer became something they never expected before. Using their wit and strength, read to know how they slither out of tricky situations and make use of their teamwork to overcome all odds. 

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