Achieving greatness and improving Achievement Level by level does not take a grand gesture or a huge sacrifice. Rather, it takes small steps which accumulate at the end of the year and these small steps are not only helpful but will show results as long as it is maintained throughout the year. 

  1. Do at least five minutes of revision every day

As the exam approaches, make sure you know the content like the back of your hand. This does not mean you have to memorise everything but you have to make sure you understand the concepts by revising for no longer than 5 minutes for every topic that you’ve learnt. This will help you to be very familiar with the course content and ace your PSLE. 

  1. Read through your notes at the end of every day 

What were the main points of learning for that day? What were you unsure of? What did you gather from school and tuition classes? Do a quick read so that you can summarise the content learnt for each topic and if you do this every day, none of the things you learn would fade away so quickly. Sometimes, our brains need to be reminded and what better way to remind it than to read what you’ve written. 

  1. Write down your homework at the end of every lesson

According to Life More Extraordinary with Lucy Parsons, this is a step you cannot skip. There might be mountains of homework for you to do. However, the mountains can be diminished if you tackle them one by one. For sure, they would have different deadlines and different demands so all you need to do is list down what the homework is and when to submit it. Simple! Then, you will not have to stress about which homework to hand in when. You will always be up to the task and not be behind your classmates. 

  1. Monitor your learning

Every time you write notes or do questions, ask yourself if it is beneficial to you. If it is helping you, then do more of it. If it is not helping you, do less. Only you know if something is useful for your learning or not. So, be honest to yourself. If writing doe not help you memorise, then perhaps record it as audio and listen to it. Perhaps, it is more susceptible when you hear it verbally. Do not be scared to try different methods and find what you are comfortable with. 

  1. Organise your files 

Label your files and file your notes according to the subject and topic. Having your notes be everywhere and scribbles that you cannot make head or tail of is not going to help you revise. All the worksheets you have done should show where you go wrong and that is very important. Therefore, keep them properly so that when you need to refer to them, they are at the right place waiting for you

  1. Read one article to supplement your learning everyday 

You don’t know when general knowledge may come in handy. Maybe, it helps you with continuous writing or it is something that can be mentioned during oral. Whether or not, it is helpful, you will come to know later but one thing’s for sure, it stimulates your mind and gets you used to the language which is far better than playing games online or wasting time watching tv. 

  1. Do reflection after every single day 

Many times, when we get home, parents ask us what have we done in school. We would usually have forgotten and found it hard to summarise but it is actually our chance to recollect what was taught and how was it perceived by us. Did we do well on the tests that day? Did we contribute to the discussion? Did we do our best? What were we lacking in terms of the quality of the homework? Ask yourself these questions and make sure you know how the day has affected you so that you can continue to grow every day. 

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