Gratitude is a good quality which our children must imbibe. Growing up in a first world country, there are many things which our children might take for granted. The latest technology or the latest fashion might be readily available for them. Not to mention, fast food or any food from a good restaurant that can be transported to our homes with a click of a button. Sometimes, we forget how privileged we are and as much as we need reminders, our children need reminders too. 

Here’s how we can teach them how to be grateful for the things we have: 

  1. Be their role model 

As parents, we are often being shadowed by our children and one way we can set a good example is thanking them for the things that they help us with like if they bring a cup of water to us or help water the plants or help us clean the house. This sets a precedent for our children to thank us whenever we do something for them and this helps to train them to thank strangers too!

  1. Talk to them 

Parents need to be the one who introduces the concept of gratitude to them. We have to make them aware that there are less fortunate people out there and they might learn from us to always see the glass or cup as half full rather than half empty. This reinforces the idea that we should not compare ourselves with somebody who has more than us all the time, rather look at those who has fewer things than us and remain contented with what we have.

  1. Show appreciation 

A good way to show appreciation is saying, “Thank you!” However, there are many other ways to express our gratitude to another person. One of the examples is buying gifts for our teachers during Teacher’s Day. This shows we appreciate their hardwork and it has not gone unnoticed. 

  1. Share what we have with others

If we share what we have with others, not only will we feel good about ourselves, but our children will learn how to be a part of the community and how to give back to them. They can list the names of people who has helped them and also, note down the list of people that they helped. Looking at the chain of people who helps each other when they are in need will make them feel even more grateful for the people around them and the society that we are in. 

  1. Ask them what they are grateful for each night 

Before going to bed, ask them what they are grateful for at the end of the day. Even if they have had a bad day, this will make them focus on the good things instead of the bad things that has occurred. 

There are a lot of benefits of being grateful in life and it includes feeling less stressed, feeling better about our lives in general, having better relationships and coping with stress and stressful situations in a more effective way. So, start practicing gratitude today and reap the benefits of having a less stressful life!

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