All of us have the desire to be better people, to become someone more successful, to know that we add value to society, and that we are capable of much more. However, we have to start from somewhere and we have to start with how we lead our lives. 

Being disciplined will help us achieve many more things and help us organise this messy thing we call life. Life will not be smooth sailing always but if we make things like reading a habit of ours, it might just change our lives for the better. 

  1. Your productivity should never be zero 

Although at times, we do need one day to relax but too much leisure can dull the mind and that is why, we have to make sure that we work hard every single day. Time is very precious and we should always set apart some time to work on our goals and vision for the future. We should not be complacent but keep striving to improve even if it is little by little. Furthermore, having good health and free time are two things that not every person has. Hence, we must be grateful and use them wisely. 

  1. Keep in mind who you want to be when you grow up 

If you want to be a teacher in the future, what skills must you start honing now in order to be a good one? If you want to be a painter, how do you be original and creative and express yourself with a range of colours? Whatever you do now will create a ripple effect and directly impact your future. Therefore, in order to be more disciplined, you need to be more motivated and work on your dream every single day and you can reap what you sow when you are older and success comes your way. 

  1. Read, read, and read more 

Reading brings a lot of positivity into our lives. Whether you read fiction or non-fiction, it broadens your mind and helps you think of different perspectives. It also introduces you to a myriad of dystopian worlds or the different facets of reality, depending on which book you are interested in. If books are not something you find solace in, read magazines and newspapers and blogs and I am sure, you will find topics of interest and be entertained with the knowledge that you found. 

  1. Move more

When you are at home, it is easy to feel lethargic because you are in the comfort of your own home where everything feels familiar and the temptation to sit on the sofa and binge your favourite show for hours is high. However, it is good to get out of your house and breathe in the fresh air. Play badminton or basketball or simply take a walk in the park. The more active you are, the more productive you become and a healthy brain works well only with a healthy body. 

  1. Change the way you think about yourself

Do not ever short-change yourself. Expect more from yourself and do not accept the narrative that you are lazy or stupid or useless. Stop thinking that you cannot be one of the successful businessmen or talented stars or professional athletes. They are human too and never think that it is too late to start accomplishing your dream because as long as you are alive and healthy, it is never too late. 

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