Being optimistic in trying times may seem difficult but with these 5 steps, you may learn how to smile and move forward no matter what happens. Although we should not suppress our feelings, looking at the brighter side of things will help us to see that things are often not as bad as they seem. 

  1. Setbacks are temporary 

Setbacks are there to help us learn and to help us discover what went wrong so we can improve. Without setbacks, we might not achieve our goal in the end because only when we find out what doesn’t work, can we find out what works. Setbacks will happen for a temporary time but don’t let that hinder your progress. Not doing well for your Weighted Assessment may not necessarily mean you will not do well for PSLE and not doing well for PSLE, may not mean that you will not do well in O Level. So, rise above and conquer your achievements one by one. 

  1. Know that you are in control 

Maybe what happened was out of your control but your reaction to it is under your control. What you do after the setback is under your control. Will you let the setback hold you down or will you emerge victorious on the other side? Our habits and how we react to situations are up to us. We should do the best that we can and know that patience is a virtue and with every hardship surely comes ease. 

  1. Don’t overgeneralise

Just because you failed at something, doesn’t mean you will fail at everything. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses and we were not made to be the same. Sometimes when we are bad at something, it might mean that we are not supposed to pursue it as a career.  A person cannot be a doctor, a painter, a writer, a designer, an athlete and a banker, all at the same time. So, learn how to embrace your talents and know that you are good at something which someone else might be bad at.

  1. Shift your focus

Do not focus on the bad outcomes but focus on the next steps. Do not cry over spilt milk but think about how to purchase the next carton. There is no point dwelling on your mistakes or placing the blame on someone else so do not focus on what’s greener on the other side but water your own lawn. 

  1. Acknowledge what you have done 

Especially if you have done your best, then give yourself credit. You do not get to where you are only by luck and it does not mean that other people were worse than you but you were better than them. Although you should not let success get to your head, acknowledging your hard work will give you the confidence that you need to work hard for even more success! 

Keep in mind we are also supposed to be more balanced in our approach when we are analysing what went wrong. We should not put too much pressure on ourselves by demeaning ourselves and we should always watch what we say to ourselves, especially when we criticise ourselves. We should not be degrading to ourselves and say things to ourselves that we will never say to someone else. To find out more about this, you may click here.

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