The school holidays are here to stay! I am sure many of you would be taking advantage of the borders which have opened up this year and packing your bags to go overseas. Here are some reasons why you should travel and it is more than just to have a good time. It is beneficial in more ways than one. Read on to find out why according to 

  1. To gain knowledge

When you go overseas with an open mind, you get to experience the differences that exist between your home country and the country you are visiting. A country is like a person. It has its own name. Its own beliefs and its own personality. When you visit a country, you get to find out more about that country and things that make the country special. The more you learn about the world around you, the more your general knowledge will increase. 

  1. Venture towards the unknown

You may not know the law of the land or the language spoken but these are reasons why you should try to get to know them. By going into an unfamiliar place, you will be challenged to solve problems in a different way or be creative in the way you do things like asking for directions. As long as you be respectful, I’m sure the unfamiliar place and people will welcome you with open arms.

  1. To be a wanderer

Catch the Europe train and don’t care about the destination. You never know what you might stumble into. Let the route decide where you end up. But remember, try to do this with family and friends. If not, you might end up in trouble. Remember to document your journey so that you and others can reminisce about the time when you wandered around and struck gold. 

  1. There’s not enough time

Time should be spent doing something productive and going overseas is time well spent. There are only 24 hours in a day which means there are approximately 720 hours in a week. If we spend 1000 hours overseas, we are spending it fruitfully because we never know how much time we have left to see the world. If we spend our whole entire lives, stuck in the same neighbourhood, same city and same country, we are wasting our time and not utilising it properly.

  1. To socialise

Meeting people from around the world have two benefits. Number one, you make more friends. Number two, you make new connections. Friends can be your penpals, someone to share your sorrows with and exchange ideas with whereas connections can be someone useful in the future. It can be work-related or just someone you can ask a favour from. Either way, socialising goes a long way when it comes to making our lives better. 

  1. To be more spirited

Being confined in a box, may lock your spirit so tight, it can suffocate and die. Similarly, if you stay within the four walls of your bedroom and never venture out, your spirit might feel like it is in a rut. So, let your spirit out to play sometimes. We only have one season here but we can travel and experience what spring, winter and autumn looks like and feel like so our spirits can soar higher than it ever could in our own land.

  1. To find out more about yourself

Travelling makes you try a lot of different things and your reaction to these things let you know more about what you like and what you dislike. Travelling will also make you realise how you would react in a crisis or an emergency. How you pack your bag and rush to the airport will help you realise whether you do things last minute or are always prepared a week or two in advance. Finding more about yourself will help you know your strengths and weaknesses better which would in turn make you a better person. 

  1. To go out of your comfort zone

Always eating the same food? Drinking the same sweet drinks? Go to other countries and try something different. Dress differently and talk differently. Learn the speech of the people there and the customs and attend as many cultural events as possible. This way, you can push your boundaries and scale new heights. Try activities which you’ve never heard of and I promise, you won’t regret it. 

  1. To be more aware 

Every country has a past history. The more we learn about them, the more careful we would be towards hurting any sentiments. We have to not be ignorant and careless with the way we treat people from other countries and what better way to figure out how to treat them by visiting their homes? By visiting their homes, we get a glimpse of their lifestyle and understand their perspectives better which makes our relationship with them that much stronger. 

  1. To take the opportunity now

If not now, then when? You might say when you get older, then you will travel. However, when you are an adult, there will be work constraints. You might say when you retire, then you will travel. However, how do you know you would be fit enough to travel long distances and try out new things? If you get an opportunity to go overseas via school or as a family, take it and live your life to the fullest because such chances may not arise again. 

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