Our Learning Lodge is a PSLE Exam Specialist in Jurong that helps primary school students attain AL 1 – 4 in PSLE.

Reach achievement levels 1-4 easily with our carefully design curriculum and learning resources!


Why learn with Our Learning Lodge?

1-to-1 Diagnostic Test

To find out your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Customised Curriculum

To suit each child’s learning needs.

1-to-1 Feedback Sessions

To keep you informed at every step of the way.

Diagnostic Assessment

Find out more

Schedule a Complimentary Diagnostic Assessment

That’s right! It’s free. Come down to our centre for a quick get-to-know session where you can tour our centre as well as find out the academic capabilities of your child for English, Math and Science. 


Popular Holiday Courses


PSLE Oral Course (POPULAR!)

3 hours each day, over 5 days

Speaking confidently does not come naturally to everyone. Is your child fluent but unable to score full makes for the oral exam? Simulation-based learning and perfecting techniques are the first step to acing the PSLE oral.

P6 Preparatory Course 2021

PSLE Preparatory Course

3 hours each day, over 5 days

Your child will make full use of the June Holidays revising for PSLE. For each subject, 15 hours will be dedicated to building your child’s foundation, reviewing how your child can improve on certain aspects, and ensuring your child can recall what was taught in class with ease and speed.

P5 Preparatory Course

P5 Preparatory Course

2 hours each day, over 5 days

The P5 Preparatory Course will be the stepping stone that will take your child to greater heights. If mediocre marks and unsatisfactory results have been a problem for your child, this is the time to catch up with the rest of their peers.

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Plan Your Child’s Route to PSLE

Regular Class at Our Learning Lodge

Regular Classes

topical classes

Habits are formed over time and our students are encouraged every week to grasp important concepts and utilise key skills for improvement which can be seen over a month or two.

Holiday Class

Holiday Courses

revision classes

Inclusive of all the important strategies to tackle difficult PSLE questions. Master every concept and understand the methods to prepare for the school exams and PSLE!

Enriching November 2019

Events & Activities

Unwind during holidays

Kids get to be kids in our fun-filled activities where they get to mingle with peers outside of school and enjoy playing games and solving puzzles like Escape Room.


Happy Parents and Students!

Jun Hang joined OLL 3 months before PSLE. His English improved to an A from a B, and Science improved to an A* from an A. This was a massive help to his PSLE. During this time, Jun Hang would share how his teacher used prompts, group activities and rewards. She would adapt to the students’ learning ability by providing additional practices, taking into account every student’s needs. OLL is not just another tuition centre, but a professional school that understands students’ needs, providing customization, targeting of weaknesses and reinforcement of strengths. A special thank-you to the teachers, for their patience, professionalism, passion and meticulous attention to nurturing our children. Thank you!

Westwood Primary School, T-Score: 250

“I have improved tremendously for my English and Math subjects after attending classes at Our Learning Lodge. The lessons are also interesting and fun which makes learning more enjoyable. THANK YOU OUR LEARNING LODGE! 🙂 – Crystal Lai

“Crystal has shown significant improvement in her results, especially in English and Math. With the help of Our Learning Lodge, Crystal was able to accurately identify her weaknesses and work on them, allowing her to achieve her dream results for PSLE. Thanks!” – Crystal Lai’s Parents


Henry Park Primary School, T-Score 257

Schedule a FREE diagnostic assessment today!

Find out exactly the current point of knowledge your child is at and let us show them how they can improve! Investigate your child’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject, and what they need to focus on to score well for their exams including which areas need to be rectified before PSLE by exploring solutions with us to engage your child in learning and responding to your child’s individual learning style.

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